Can I get Coppin Fashion Internationally?

Of course. Shipping is from 75+ countries 

Is this all her work?

“Yes, from the drawings , fashion designs to the honourable efforts made to make up a site ~ some of these works took over several years some less than.”


What’s with the ever changing names?

“ Ghost Writer name is Sairah Anne. Verona is my ‘’Government ‘ name.”


Is every art piece signed by V too?

As much as the majority of art pieces will be signed it cannot be designatedspecifically for individuals  of the public at this time . However, if you  are considered a VIP and want to make  a specific higher price bid via  for a certain  art of fashion design project or anything otherwise direct message on Twitter or Instagram  for specification on individual  bases on any artistic work you would like  to be personalised to your likeness in which in this case will be Guaranteed it will be signed. Bidding starts no lower than £1,300 GBP  given via direct financial transfer.


What should I expect for the size of the Art work?

As stated on the website. 

Your item is sold out when will you re-stock? 

The best efforts are made for stock  replenish  regularly. However please recognise that these items are of high demand items which are made in a limited fashion sells fast so please do note this - don’t miss it ;)